JW 408 Water Jet

JW408 water jet loom with an optimum design on its structure and operation accessories, with a high degree of mechanical and electrical integration, high speed, energy saving, etc. This weft insertion mechanism is improved, so the vibration and noise is greatly reduced, the rigidity and stability are greatly improved; Use separate nozzle holder, can set separately for each nozzle the of position and direction, use super start motor, large capacity of electromagnetic brake, with function of positioning parking, adopted new energy-saving nozzle sharply reduced water consumption, The machine is a new type of water jet loom suitable for light to medium density fabrics.

The technical information JW Series water jet loom
Applicaiton Denier water resistant chemical fabric
Nominalreed 0 - 50
Textile 50 - 420
Weft density (piece / 10cm) 50 - 600
Loom beam disc diameter (mm) 800
Max roll diameter (mm) 420 / 520
Shedding Shafts shedding, Cam shedding, Dobby shedding
Control system W2000 model and sd350
Beating up 4 shafts linkage at both sides for beat up
Silvedge Raw edge
Weft insertion Hi - presssure water jet
Feeler Optical feeler
Binder Leno yarn by planetary
Weft cut Mechanical cutter
Let-off-device Electronic lef-off
Take-up Electronic take-up
Dehydration Negative pressure dehydrate, stand extracting
The number of heddle frame (page) 16
Lubricant system Oil lake, thicker oil
Water pressure (Mpa) From the tap water
Brake device Electromagnetic brake

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