YC 900 Air Jet

YC 9000 air jet loom USES strong reliably cabinet design, make the machine more stable, reduce the vibration when weaving; Six-bar beating-up with solid beating-up shaft, provide convenience for weaving varieties of fabrics; Electric control main board USES 64 - bit high speed CPU, controlled the high precise of electromagnetive valve, high transmission speed, reduced the nozzle jet lag Angle, improved the respose speed, so as to realized reducing tha gas consumption; Using electronic control pneumatic folding edge device (no raw edges, no waste edges). The main direction is optical margin, double pure cotton cloth weaving.

Adopting leading domestic gas circuit design, energy saving can up to 30% less than the same industrial manufactures.

Pneumatic design of optical margin, one loom two cloth, can deeply reduce the production cost and improve the efficiency

Six-bar beating-up motion, more convinient for the weft insertion, high speed, high efficiency and energy saving

The outside positive let-off motion can make the adjustment maintenance more convinient and simple

According to the electronic pressure detection, we can see the pressure change on the display directly

By configuring wireless networks, can realize network management

New type electronic control system, can weave various of cloth

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